A Country School Established in 1857, Supported by a Vibrant Community Committed to Academic and Artistic Excellence.

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About Dunbar School
Dunbar is a beautiful elementary school in a picturesque setting, serving Kindergarten Through Fifth Grade with a strong emphasis in Art and Science. Dunbar is located in Glen Ellen, nestled in the foothills of Sonoma Mountain. The rural campus is sprinkled with oak trees and is surrounded by beautiful vineyards.

We are a school rich in history and tradition. Dunbar was established in 1857 on Dunbar Road just south of its present location. During the 1920's residents endeavored to pass a bond to build a new school. After several attempts, the bond passed and a new school was built on our present site. It opened in 1930 with Miss Alice Griffith as principal. Through the years the school has been modernized and improved by community and district efforts.

Today Dunbar has a student body of around 260. The small student body allows for a stronger community. The teachers know every student. Our school exists for our students and it is our vision to bring the entire learning community together to work toward excellence with care, communication, and collaboration.

The Dunbar community is a strong vibrant group of parents, staff, alumni, and Glen Ellen residence all committed to a positive educational experience for the students. The Dunbar community is a true treasure. Dunbar has a very active and involved parent body. The majority of the staff have been at Dunbar for over 15 years and there is a clear sense of pride and joy. Dunbar is their school and this is where they want to be. Dunbar alumni will always have fond memories of their wonderful years at this exceptional school.
The town of Glen Ellen and Dunbar have a close and supportive relationship. Whether its Dunbar marching in the town parade or the Town Meeting taking place in the Dunbar auditorium.


Dunbar Elementary School
11700 Dunbar Rd.
Glen Ellen, CA 95442-9611

Dunbar Elementary School is committed to providing high-quality education to our diverse student body. We achieve our goals through a challenging curriculum, quality teachers, and an atmosphere that emphasizes communication and cooperation. Together, these elements create a safe and engaging learning environment in which all students can excel.

  • School District: Sonoma Valley Unified School District
  • CDS Code: 49709536052252
  • Principal: Melanie Blake
  • Grades: 0-5
  • Students Enrolled: 260
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